How To Protect Your Knees From Injury While Riding

How To Protect Your Knees From Injury While Riding

How To Protect Your Knees From Injury While Riding

The correct riding method will not damage the knee joint at all. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this. Knee protection is the most important thing before experiencing the fun of riding a bike!

The Most Important Thing To Protect The Knee Is "Prevention"

Knee injuries are caused by injury or damage to tissues that are not easy to regenerate, such as cartilage and meniscus. These tissues are not like muscles that can grow quickly and can be considered non-regenerable in a few years or even longer. It is true that muscle training of people is helpful, but the effect is only "help", and even if it is practiced correctly, the result is far from "prevention".

In fact, people who like to carry a large backpack and abuse themselves can easily break through the bearing capacity of their well-maintained knees within a few days and fall down on the root of the disease that cannot be cured for many years. So the most important thing to protect the knee is prevention!

Correct Riding Posture is Important

Pedal with High Speed (90~100rpm) and Choose Light Gear (low gear)

If you use a high cadence, the force on your knees will be reduced each time you pedal, which can effectively protect your knees. Some friends believe that they have good physical strength. In order to gain speed when climbing a hill, they try their best to pedal down the bike. After all, the strength of the human knee joint is limited. It is no surprise that such a large force has an impact on the knee joint. Therefore, those with severe knee damage generally have better physical strength.

If you want to climb a hill but you're out of energy, you can get out of the bike and use the Aostirmotor assisted cruise button to push up the mountain, it sounds good!

Adjust the Seat to the Proper Position

The more you bend your knees while riding a bike, the more stress you have. For a sense of security, many people adjust the saddle very low when riding, so that they can support the ground with their feet when there is a problem, but the low riding posture directly causes huge pressure on the knees. It can be said that if you always choose such a riding position, the knee joint will soon have problems, that is for sure.

The Correct Seat Height is:

When you're riding a bike after your legs are on the pedals all the way, your legs are almost straight, but there is a little bit of a bend to allow for swivels, which is the correct seat height.

When Pedaling, the Knee Should Move Vertically in a Horizontal Plane

The movement of the knee is not a simple one-plane movement like a chain, but a slight rotation in the activity. For example, pay attention to your kneecap when riding a bike. If it moves vertically up and down without shaking back and forth, the pressure on the knee is very small, but your kneecap is in a figure-8 or S-shaped movement (viewed from the side), then it may cause knee injury.

Build Strong and Supple Muscles

Do more leg muscle exercises on a regular basis to minimize the stress on your knees. To prevent sports injuries to the knee joint, you can do long-term stretching exercises and weight training to exercise the quadriceps (flexing muscles on the back of the thigh). If the quadriceps are strong, the knee will be stronger and less likely to be injured.

Muscles are like rubber bands. If they are elastic, they will never break; if they are stiff, they may break as soon as they are pulled. The higher the temperature, the softer the muscles will be, and they will be easily stretched. Therefore, you should pay attention to keeping warm when riding a bike, otherwise, the cold air will make the muscles stiff, which will quickly cause injury. Usually, you can rub the lower edge of the knee with the fingers of both hands to promote the protection of the knee by the lubricating fluid.

We must pay more attention to the occurrence of these problems when riding a bike. If you are not careful, it will cause the example given above, which will make you regret what you have done. So remember the above methods to protect your knees!

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