How to Take Great Photos of Your Electric Bike

How to Take Great Photos of Your Electric Bike

How to Take Great Photos of Your Electric Bike


Nobody doesn't love their electric bikes, right? Taking pictures can capture beautiful memories for us, take a photo of your beloved electric bike, it's even better if you can take a photo together, all you need is a mobile phone with a camera.

The following are the photo tips shared by AOSTIRMOTOR

Let the Electric Bike Stand Better than Lying Down

When we ride our electric bikes on the road, we always like taking a picture of our electric bike. It's like a metaphor about the path of life. In addition, a standing electric bike is always better looking than a fallen electric bike, but people always ask, if the electric bike kickstand is broken, how can you stand without falling? it's actually really easy. Every time you ride an electric bike, find a small stick or something on the side of the road and use it to support the electric bike. California has a lot of beautiful electric bike riding locations, and you'll find some near Lake Tahoe. With high altitude, good roads and beautiful scenery, it is an ideal photo spot!

Don't be stingy to turn on your camera and use the camera to capture the best moments!

Find the Best Light

Light can make a photo extraordinary. When the sun is full outside, we might as well ride our electric bikes to bask in the sun. We'll ride until the sun goes down. At that time, there is no strong light, and everything is immersed in the afterglow of the setting sun. It is the most suitable Great photo taken! There is no doubt that people love sunsets.

Take a Pose

Would you take your girlfriend for a ride? There is nothing more proud than taking a beautiful photo of your girlfriend.

If you’re tired of cycling outside, sit indoors and take a break, or choose to take a photo of your girlfriends. We can sit on the guardrail stone outdoors, one leg close to the camera bends the knee into a triangle, the other leg is straight, one hand is placed on the stone, the other hand is raised on the forehead to block the sun, the girl looks at the camera, You can put the electric bike behind you as a background. You are only responsible for pressing the shutter, you can easily take beautiful photos and make your girlfriend happy, why not do it?

Try a New Route

We can try to leave the route we are accustomed to, ride to unfamiliar places, and see special scenery, such as Emerald Lake- near Bozeman, MT. An hour and a half drive is Loch Leven Campground, which might be a good place to stop for a while and take pictures. If you have a folding electric bike A20, this campground and more can be easily reached by your car or truck. Hiking, fishing and biking are nearby.

Life is full of surprises, and the most ordinary things may be the best backgrounds for shooting.

Simple Retouching

If you've taken a good photo, you can do a little touch-up to make it look better. Add some nice filters and special effects. But be careful not to modify too much, just fine-tune it.


There is always a different meaning behind each photo, dose the photo you take have any special meaning?

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