Some Tips to Prevent Aostirmotor Rust

Some Tips to Prevent Aostirmotor Rust

Some Tips to Prevent Aostirmotor Rust

For most Aostirmotor riders, a new e-bike is a serious financial investment. So how to maintain it becomes especially important. E-bikes are infamously vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Although rust is confined to iron or its alloys (such as steel), corrosion affects all metals, even aluminum. If left unchecked, rust and corrosion will cause metals to degrade over time, and ultimately fail.

What Causes The Corrosion and Rust of An Aostirmotor?

  • Riding on the beach, in coastal areas, or in areas treated with salt or deicing compounds. In this way, the seaside environment will expose your Aostirmotor to salt or other chemicals, which is very corrosive. Meanwhile, prolonged immersion in salt water or deicing compounds will cause damage to electronic components of e-bikes.

  • Leave your Aostirmotor outdoors with dew, rain or snow for a long time: moisture is the catalyst for rust or corrosion. Think about the condition of your clothes after being caught in the rain. They attract dirt, road-spray even though they might look clean on the surface. Similarly, the moving parts of your e-bike and its gearing and brakes will be damaged by rain if haven’t been dried timely.

  • Long-term unclean e-bikes: sweat can cause rust or corrosion if it is allowed to stay on your Aostirmotor for a long time. Sweat can erode the clear coat on your frame. Dirt and mud increase wear on components and, when mixed with water and grease, can form a paste that will, at best, decrease the efficiency of your e-bike and, at worst, quickly wear through consumable parts.

So how can you prevent rust or corrosion? Here are 3 tips that will help keep your Aostirotor from rusting or corrosion.

1. Properly Store Your Aostirmotor

Park your Aostirmotor indoors as much as possible. Since dew, rain or snow can all wear down your chain, brakes, and other moving parts, these damp environment will make it hard to dry the e-bike in a short time and even worse it will retain moisture.

If covering the e-bike with a tarp during rain, do so only temporarily and make sure to remove the tarp after the rain and dry the e-bike. And make sure to store the e-bike upright and not laying down. It's designed for water to drain from the top to the bottom.

2. Perform Regular Maintenance

Cleaning your Aostirmotor regularly will not only protect it from rust and corrosion, but also give you an opportunity to inspect some signs of trouble. To clean your e-bike, wipe the frame with a damp cloth. If needed, apply a mild non-corrosive detergent mixture on the damp cloth and wipe the frame. Then dry by wiping with a clean, dry cloth. Never use the spray from a hose or a high-pressure washer on your e-bike. If painted metal parts are scratched or chipped, use touch-up paint or nail polish to prevent corrosion.

3. Keep Your Aostirmotor Well-Lubricated

Rust or corrosion can’t develop on a lubricated surface. Lubricants not only keep your Aostirmotor operating smoothly, but also protect it from bad weather. It’s essential to keep all your e-bike’s bushings and bearings greased, and your chain lubricated if you want them to last. Check these parts on a regular basis for any signs of rust or corrosion. If there is, this indicates a lack of lubricant. Always lubricate your chain after you’ve washed your e-bike. Keep your stanchions and shock seals lubricated so they won’t dry out and crack.

Most Aostirmotor riders can’t replace their e-bikes on a frequent basis and they need to use them for years. In order to prolong the life of e-bikes, you should be vigilant to prevent rust or corrosion. Hope these simple tips I offered above are useful!

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