Tires Maintenance of AOSTIRMOTOR EBikes

Tires Maintenance of AOSTIRMOTOR EBikes

Tires Maintenance of AOSTIRMOTOR Electric Bikes

The tire is one of the important components of electric bikes and the only contacting part between electric bike and ground, so tires also need a good maintenance.

Aostirmotor Electric bike tires are designed to absorb the impact of the road, transfer traction or braking force to the ground, and maintain or change direction without skidding. Electric bike tires last longer at proper speed and good terrain. So how to maintain your electric bike as much as possible, here Aostirmotor has offered some useful tips for you.

Avoid Direct Sunlight and Corrosion

Try to avoid direct sunlight. If the electric bike is kept in the sun for a long time, the ultraviolet ray will accelerate the aging of tires, which has a bad effect on the tire cortex. In addition, it is very dangerous to expose tires to high temperatures for long time and could even cause a flat tire.

Electric bike tires are rubber products. If they come into contact with oil, vinegar, flammable, explosive and organic chemicals, it is likely to cause the tire to be eroded and deformed.    

Choose the Right Road

What kind of terrain do you usually ride on? Is it soft soil? Or is it covered with rocks? If it's the latter, you have to take into account the special circumstances of rim injuries and flat tires. Try to choose the road with good conditions or familiar roads and avoid riding on snowy road, dark road or road with black ice, lest there are unknown objects on the ground damaging tires, such as annoying glass slag and nails which will bring ugly "scar" to your tires.  

Pump up Your Tires Properly

Make sure your electric bike tires are properly inflated before the beginning of a journey. Improperly inflated tires are dangerous for riding.

When riding, underinflated or flat tirewill increase the ground contact area. This will put additional pressure on the edge of the contact surface and increase tire wear or crack and shorten the life of  tires.

On the contrary, if the tire pressure is particularly high, the grip of the tire will be greatly reduced. Too much air pressure does not effectively absorb vibrations from the ground but make the electric bike difficult to control.

Clean Your Electric Bike Tires Regularly

Cleaning and maintenance of the bicycle is something we will do, but many people will ignore the cleaning of bike tiresElectric bike tires can get stains during cycling, this will make your electric bike tire look dirty, so it's necessary to check and clean your electric bike tires after riding. Just take some time to check and clean them, and take good care of them on a regular basis. If the stain is too difficult to remove, you may be able to use tools such as a brush or mountain bike foam cleansing agent. In this way, both tires will look as good as new.  

Okay, maintaining your electric bike tire right away

And enjoy the riding happiness with Aostirmotor!

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