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A Real Rider Review For Aostirmotor S07

A Real Rider Review For Aostirmotor S07

More persuasive comments! Here we received one from Jordana Harris.

Her and her husband are people who travel around in an RV and also cycling enthusiasts. She bought S07 for herself and husband, and they enjoyed challenging all kinds of rugged terrain. Now, Aostirmotor S07 is their main transportation tool.   

Let's see what she would share:

We really appreciate the quality of these e-bikes for the price! My husband and I each own one and we have put around 500 miles each on them now!

We are nomadic and use them as transportation and commuting as well as some super fun off roading! The quality of these e-bikes have been great especially for the reasonable price. They can easily be upgraded as things wear out with regular use! There is definitely a learning curve when you first start riding them but as you go, you learn how much you can depend on their use! Every time we ride, someone is asking us about them.

The terrain we ride varies from the OR forest (narrow wooded trails with roots) to the high desert (sandstone, loose sand and plenty of goathead stickers and sometimes crazy snowstorms) of Colorado and Utah as well as the harsh desert (rough sharp rocks and loose rocky lengths of creek bed washes) of AZ. They prove to be quite manageable in loose sand and gravely creek beds where I wouldn't even be able to a regular mountain bike easily.

The range of the battery seems to be good as we mostly use the pedal assist. The power of the 750 is really snappy and there when you need it.

The fat tires are excellent for the above mentioned terrains. You can adjust your tire pressure to accommodate your environment and you don't require full suspension because of the tires.

After doing much research, the cost of these great e-bikes have been worth every penny! I highly encourage anyone interested in purchasing an e-bike to seriously consider these Aostirmotor e-bikes!

Thank so much for her genuine review, which allows our other customers to get to know our electric bikes better. AOSTIRMOTOR is committed to customer satisfaction. Of course, the strength of our S07 should not be underestimated.

Our S07 is a powerful mountain e-bike. It has a 750W motor that drives this e-bike to a top speed of 28 mph. With this strong power, you don't need a lot of effort to cover long distances as well as climb most moderate hills.

In addition, the range of the battery is pretty good, so you can ride great distances without a hitch. Its 48V 13Ah hour system has a max estimated range of nearly 40 miles. A full charge takes 5-7 hours, and the battery is removable and waterproof, which means that you can easily remove the battery for charging and avoid being destroyed by water.

From the above I think you have learned something about Aostirmotor S07. Of course, our other bikes have their own advantages and can bring you a different experience. If you want to know more, buy one and try it! You will enjoy our full range of customer service!

Try an Aostirmotor e-bike, and I believe that you will love it!
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