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A Real Rider Review for Aostirmotor S18-MINI

A Real Rider Review for Aostirmotor S18-MINI


Nothing proves that AOSTIRMOTOR is outstanding like a rider review, thank you so much for writing in Bruce Stevens, let's see what he has to share.


“I purchased my S18mini a year ago ,because I could not pedal a regular bicycle, due to my heart condition, I'm 58 years Old.

In order to ride the steep and rough trails here in Connecticut I had to upgrade my S18mini with better suspension front and rear, larger brakes, a higher capacity battery from an S18, better tires, lower gearing ,and a voltmeter.

She now will climb any mountain trail I point her at!

My heart and leg strength is improving greatly every month also, due all the excersize I've been getting on my 4 season Aostirmotor bike.

Here's a few pics of my bespoke beauty which I will Never part with!

Thanks Aostirmotor for such a great bike!


Bruce Stevens

East Hartford Ct. USA”


Amazing! 58 years old riding an AOSTIRMOTOR e-bike, it's just so cool.


AOSTIRMOTOR believes that Aostirmotor is nothing if not for the wonderful reviews from fans, supporters, and e-bike cyclists or enthusiasts who rely on us for their commuting needs. We hope to organize more events like this in the future to give back to our loyal customers.


Thanks again Bruce Stevens for the real comments, let more people know about AOSTIRMOTOR, of course the S18mini is also not to be underestimated.

Excellent design:

S18-mini adopts rear spring shock absorber, reliable and strong performance rear coil shock absorber, so that the ride is no longer bumpy. Combined with the front suspension fork, it makes riding more comfortable and enjoyable when riding downhill. The sleek, streamlined silhouette as an off-road vehicle accentuates the uniqueness and style of your ride. SW-LCD display allows you to easily control your electric bike. Five levels of pedal assist and the throttle at your fingertips have never been easier. Plus, the handlebar display always lets you know how far you can go.


Superior performance:

500W motor with Maximum Torque 80 N.m. The rear e-bike motor is designed to provide power and boost to riding. Arriving at your destination relaxed and ready to get on with your day. The 20 * 4.0 inch fat tires, provide better grip and traction on most terrains, add more comfort and slip resistance, give you an easy and smooth riding experience. Disc brakes provide quick, clean stops with stronger stopping power. Sensitive front 180mm, rear 160mm mechanical disic brakes provide ample braking force even in the harshest conditions efficiently.


AOSTIRMOTOR is committed to customer satisfaction. Try an AOSTIRMOTOR bike and enjoy our full range of customer service, we're sure you'll love it. You can click https://www.aostirmotor.bike for more models.

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