How To Choose the Suitable Electric Bike

How To Choose the Suitable Electric Bike

How To Choose the Suitable Electric Bike


Electric Bikes are not only an environmentally friendly means of transportation, but also fitness equipment that many people use to exercise. Of course, electric bikes can also be used to compete in sports such as mountain biking and road cycling. Everyone has different requirements for an electric bike based on their preferences and needs. So how to choose a more suitable electric bike, Aostirmotor will introduce to you from below aspects.

Riding For What Purpose

Before choosing which type of electric bike, we must first clarify our purpose: is it used to ride as a hobby, or is it used to travel to work? How many kilometers is the riding distance? These are all factors to consider.

If you need to ride an electric bike to work, and the road is within 20 kilometers and is flat, you can choose a commuter electric bike or a road electric bike. They are usually beautiful, convenient and comfortable, bringing you a different commuting experience. If the road is complicated, you can choose a mountain bike, or a fat tire folding bike. With fat tires, the possibilities are endless.

If you are using it for fitness and riding on flat surfaces, you can choose a road bike, which is very fast.

If you use it for outings and riding in the wild, the road is more complicated, then the fat tire electric bicycle is more suitable, and the shock absorption performance is good. The fat tires are designed to conquer almost any terrain. Anything is possible as long as there are fat tires.

If you plan to ride on a long-distance trip, you can choose a touring bike. Aostirmotor A20 is a good choice. The materials used in the touring bike are relatively durable materials, with good load-bearing capacity, suitable for carrying various things and suitable for long-distance travel.

How is the Riding Condition

Road conditions are also an important determinant of buying an electric bike.

For example, if the road conditions are very good, you can choose a suspension front fork with a locking function, so that the front fork is locked when the suspension is not needed, which can save more effort. Here we recommend Aostirmotor

If there are many traffic lights, the terrain is undulating, etc, you need a brake with better performance. The performance and feel of the hydraulic disc brake is a plus.

If you are more concerned about speed, you can choose an electric bicycle with a higher degree of light weight. Here you can consider road electric bikes.

If you want to play mountain off-road, then you should choose an advanced mountain bike with very good suspension performance, and the suspension fork must be long enough. Here we recommend Aostirmotor S18.

Consider the Frame Material

Common frame materials are: carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, steel.

Carbon fiber is a synthetic material, which has the advantage of being light in weight, relatively elastic, and has a good ride feel. The disadvantage is that it is easy to age, not suitable for long-term exposure to the sun, and the maintenance cost is too high.

Aluminum alloy is the most commonly used material on the market at present and has excellent handling, acceleration and climbing ability. The frame of Aostirmotor is this aluminum alloy frame. Its advantages are light weight, short-term hardness and rigidity performance, easy shaping and processing, and no rust. It is the first choice for beginners of electric bikes.

Titanium alloy is a high-performance material used in aviation products. It is corrosion-resistant, light-weight, flexible, and has a great ride feel, but the price will be more expensive. Of course, if the budget is sufficient, you can't go wrong with a titanium frame.

The steel frame is elastic, shock-absorbing and comfortable to ride, but it will be heavier and easy to rust. The heavier steel frame is not friendly to women and the elderly with weak strength. It is recommended that riders with less strength use an aluminum alloy frame.


Through the above brief introduction, you probably already know how to choose an electric bike that suits you.

Choose your favorite electric bike!

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