Let's Get Ready for Easter with AOSTIRMOTOR aostirmotor.bike

Let's Get Ready for Easter with AOSTIRMOTOR

Let's Get Ready for Easter with AOSTIRMOTOR

Amazing!Easter is coming, have you figured out how to celebrate? Home alone? Outdoor party? Instead of staying up late to watch streaming shows, get ready in the evening with Aostirmotor!

DIY E-bike

We can guarantee that this will be an interesting part for you, so prepare the materials for the following Easter activities. Let's DIY your personal bike before Easter, this time with an Easter theme!


There are countless ways to decorate your handlebars, this time we're going to do something different. Buy the mini Easter Bunny in the store ahead of time, you will need to use hot glue to make sure your personal arrangement is in place where you want it. Glue them neatly to the handlebar. Have a few more ribbons ready, optionally tying the ribbon to the end of the handlebar if you don't want to make a hole in your handlebar.


Get a different sticker for your frame? Stickers are an effective and inexpensive way to personalize your e-bike! Go to the store and buy some Easter themed posts, just peel off the sticker and stick it anywhere on your bike frame! Or draw some Easter bunnies on paper with your kids in any color style! Cut it out with scissors and stick it to the bike frame. Of course, spray painting on a bike frame is also possible, but it might seem a little complicated and we recommend getting the help of a professional artist unless you are one of them.

Rear Shelf:

First of all, you have to choose a bamboo basket, and then you can start making it. Get a ribbon, wrap it around the bamboo basket a few times, and tie a bow at the end of the rope. At this point, it already looks very beautiful. Put prepared bunny decorations, toys, Easter eggs, bunny food, etc. in the bamboo basket. Then put some decorative lights on the top, and the simple Easter bamboo basket is made. Finally, the bamboo basket is fixed on the rear shelf.

Take Photos

During the holidays, we usually want to eat well, play well, exercise more, and spend quality time with our loved ones, so Aostirmotor thinks that taking pictures is a worthwhile thing, "click" to press the shutter and record the Easter-themed DIY bicycle and the smiles on people's faces at the moment. Print out the photo, write the date, and put it on the photo wall at home. Every time you see it inadvertently, it brings back this wonderful memory.


Hope you have fun with Aostirmotor!

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