Not Considering Riding with AOSTIRMOTOR While the Gas Price is Rising?

Not Considering Riding with AOSTIRMOTOR While the Gas Price is Rising?

Not Considering Riding with AOSTIRMOTOR While the Gas Price is Rising?

According to a recent survey that soaring gas prices are the top concern for Americans in 2022, more worrisome than their ability to pay their bills or broader inflation. The average price of a gallon of gasoline recently hit an all-time high of $4.15, compared with $2.77 a year ago, and California averages is even more than $5.73 a gallon.

Source: AAA

The average American uses 562 gallons of gasoline a year, according to the Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration. That means every American will spend more than $2,400 a year on gasoline and most families have more than one car, so gas bills are pretty unacceptable. But do we have other options? 

In fact, electric bikes could be an option. With gas prices rising, it's the perfect time to ride.

More Fun

Driving can be fun, but on a commuter public road, heavy traffic, speed limits, pedestrians, and traffic lights that are always on red can kill the fun. Riding an electric bike is relatively free. In this warm season, riding Aostirmotor S07-B through various non-motorized lanes, you can feel the excitement of commuting from the boring work life.


Since oil prices have been soaring, which may inspire more producers to drill for oil, using an electric bike is a win-win for living green and saving money.

Live Green

You can save the environment by riding an electric bike instead of driving. To save energy and reduce emissions, Aostirmotor think riding an electric bike is the most suitable. In general, electric bikes release 22 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, far less than cars at 270 grams per kilometer. Having the power and capacity of an electric bike allows you to drive less and ride more. Not only does this make traveling more fun, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. With an eco-friendly, emission-free, pollution-free electric bike, you can be our guardian of the planet too.

Save Money

For many, the one-time cost of an electric bike exceeds the price of gas every time you go to the gas station.

Generally, the cruising range of electric bikes up to 45km can meet the daily travel needs of most people. Compared to a car, the size of an electric bike can also make it easier to navigate the crowded traffic in the city. An electric bike costs about 8 cents per 25 miles of use, while a car costs $2 for the same distance. In the long run, you can save a considerable amount of savings, and you have complete freedom to dispose of them.

Easy Parking

If you travel by electric bike, finding a parking space is no longer your daily "required course", and you don't have to "circle the field" every day to find a small space to squeeze in. Bicycles can easily find their own parking space, and some units even allow electric bikes to be brought to the workplace.

Save Time

We are busy every day, but if you want to stay healthy, you may need to go to the gym regularly. Riding electric bike is a good way to exercise, and it also saves us a lot of time going to the gym. You don’t need to go out to exercise at all.

In any case, riding electric bike is a good choice. How about trying it while the gas price is rising? visit https://aostirmotor.bikefor more details! 

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