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What Aostirmotor Riders Say

What Aostirmotor Riders Say

As you can see, electric bikes are getting more and more popular. Especially affected by the COVID-19, coupled with the continued rise in oil prices, more and more people decide to ride electric bikes. If you don't already have a bike, let your choice be the AOSTIRMOTOR.

The rider at Aostirmotor said, "To those that love an electric mountain bikes this is a great electric back." I think Agustin Agront was right.

The S18 has a powerful 750W motor combined with our 720Wh high capacity lithium battery! This combination will take you further, and have you tackling hills and terrain you'd only ever dreamed of! As an all-terrain mountain bike, there are many indispensable factors.

The first is the fat tire, the 26*4.0 fat tire provides improved grip and traction on the most terrain. It can offer you an easy and smooth riding experience.

Second, the S18 has a front shock fork and a rear spring shock. Reliable and powerful rear coil shock absorbs bumps for a controlled, engaging and smooth ride.

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The Aostirmotor rider continued: 

"Thanks Aostirmotor, at 62 years of age, I feel like a kid again! Your bike is allowing me to relive my favorite activity growing up. I can ride with confidence!"——Ron Waldinger

"I would also like to elaborate that I found your product (S18) to be of the highest quality and workmanship..."——Daniel Page  

Oh my friend, I think we want to thank you, your encouragement will motivate us to keep improving! It's you who proved the value of Aostirmotor's existence. It's a two-way run between the rider and the AOSTIRMOTOR with the rider. It is our honor to bring joy to riders, and we hope that Aostirmotor can bring you a perfect riding experience!

"the S18 is an incredibly comfortable urban commuter with an aggressive vibe and a unique, curvy frame and battery case. The motor is powerful enough to chug up some pretty steep hills, and the top speed is high enough to keep up with most traffic on side streets. But more than anything, it just looks cool."

"But if I wanted to get into varied e-bike riding with a fun full-suspension fat tire e-bike for a much lower price than these bikes tend to command, the Aostirmotor S18 would be a good choice.

It’s a great beginner fat tire full-suspension e-bike for anyone that doesn’t want to part with several thousand dollars in one go."

If you are new to electric bikes, the S18 is very easy to use. If you are an experienced electric bike rider, then the S18 understands every need you want. In short, S18 will bring you unexpected surprises! 

Finally we must thank all the riders who wrote us back, AOSTIRMOTOR believes that Aostirmotor is nothing if not for the wonderful reviews from fans, supporters, and e-bike cyclists or enthusiasts who rely on us for their commuting needs. We hope to organize more events like this in the future to give back to our loyal customers. For example, the Aostirmotor’s Buyer Show event to collect the happy moments of Aostirmotor riders, this event is still in progress, click HERE for details to participate in the event.

Thanks again for the real reviews from the riders and have a great time with Aostirmotor!

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