Winter Storage And Maintenance Tips For Electric Bikes

Winter Storage And Maintenance Tips For Electric Bikes

Winter Storage And Maintenance Tips For Electric Bikes

Winter is here and you may be wondering what to do with your e-bike. If your daily routine consists of getting out and cycling in the park every day, you're no doubt worried about the arrival of winter.

Some e-bike enthusiasts wonder if they can go out and ride in the cold winter, while others know they should store them but don't know how. When keeping e-bikes, e-bike battery storage and bike maintenance need to be considered. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your bike is in tip-top shape come spring.

Electric Bike Battery Care and Storage

Now that your bike is set up, let's look at our e-bike battery storage and care guide.

Electric Bike Battery Storage

Your e-bike battery doesn't like extreme temperatures. If your e-bike has a removable battery and the bike will be stored in a location where it will be exposed to extreme cold (or hot) temperatures (such as an uninsulated garage), you should remove the battery and store it somewhere place (55-75 degrees Fahrenheit).

If your bike doesn't have a removable battery, you should store your entire bike indoors. If you live where temperatures rise, keep this in mind in the summer – you should store batteries in a climate-controlled environment.

If your e-bike is going to be stored for an extended period of time (30 days or more), the battery should stay around 50-70% charged. Batteries should not be stored fully charged or completely drained. Both are bad for batteries and will shorten their life.

Check your battery monthly and charge it to the 50-70% range if necessary. (Set those calendar reminders!)

Let's Review how to Care for and Store Your E-bike Battery:

  • Store the e-bike battery (or the entire e-bike, if the battery is not removable) in a place with normal room temperature (55-75 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • When storing your e-bike for more than 30 days, keep it at 50-70% charge.
  • If you're riding an e-bike all winter, keep the battery warm (55-75 degrees Fahrenheit) before riding.


The Most Important Tips for Cleaning Your E-bike are:

Be sure to use lube on your bike chain so corrosion doesn't affect it.

When cleaning parts of an electric bike, do not use pressurized water, as this can damage the parts.

Wait for the cassette and chain to dry before applying a little bike lube.

If you know how to take your e-bike apart, it is recommended that you wash each part separately for a more thorough cleaning.

Electric bikes used in winter may require more frequent cleaning. Especially because of the salt, you need to keep your bike clean to prevent parts from corroding. But remember, do not spray with high-pressure water when washing the car, and be especially careful when cleaning around the motor.

Winter Care Rides

Cooler temperatures can affect your e-bike if you continue to ride it. First off, riding an e-bike in the cold is perfectly fine, but you may notice that the battery drains faster. When the temperature drops below 60º F, you will start to feel a slight decrease in battery life. Once the temperature reaches a freezing point, your battery life may be less than 50% of normal battery life. The good news is that this is only a temporary effect and your battery will return to normal when the temperature rises again.

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