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We designed S18 to give you the best riding experience. It embodies a thoughtful balance of classic design and practical utility features.
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Whether you’re hunting in Ohio fields, Colorado mountains or Southern pines, S07-D can get you places faster than on foot.
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Logistics Policy

Due to the logistics policy, your order will be shipped with two packages. One package is a bicycle and the other package is a battery.

Customers said

I bought my S07-B to help with exercise and to eventually go trail riding. It has really helped me push my fitness level. My distance covered and time in the saddle is increasing week over week. Will be hitting those trails soon enough!

Fiona M. S07-B Buyer

I saw many styles of electric bicycles and finally bought this one. It did not disappoint me. After bike arrive, I need to install them by myself. The battery and the bicycle are sent separately. I love the bike it’s great I love to ride it!!

Max S. A20-Black Buyer

I would like to recommend the S18 1500W I just bought. It has a lot of power and good battery life.Their service is very timely, and the solutions they put forward can solve the problems I encounter very well. Hope they can get better and better!

Willie G. S18-1500W Buyer


Full Suspension

S18 has a powerful 750 watt unbranded hub motor that drives this ebike to a top speed of 28 mph. The motor is powerful enough to chug up some pretty steep hills, and the top speed is high enough to keep up with most traffic on side streets.

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